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Heart Disease Prevention Tips

While some risk factors for heart disease are uncontrollable, there are plenty of ways you can prevent it nevertheless. Caregivers in Illinois have these tips for you: Control your blood pressure. High blood pressure increases one’s risk for heart ...

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Seniors Deserve a Quality Companionship at Home

Reaching out to family members and friends can be challenging for many senior adults. There may be times that their best efforts will still not get their phone calls or voice mails returned because their loved ones have other commitments. Because of ...

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Seniors and Flu Shots: Here’s What You Need to Know

Every year, people are encouraged to get their flu shots, especially seniors who are at a high risk of contracting life-threatening flu complications. But despite this, many seniors still hesitate to get vaccinated. Hopefully, the information below w...

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Client Testimonials

We are in the Chicago area 6 months a year and have just hired them again for 7 day daytime care. We highly recommend LIV Home Health LLC.

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